NDT Inspection Reporting V2.x
The NDT Inspection application is a software package that allows you to create NDT survey inspection data-files representing locations or survey occurrences where NDT inspections surveys are carried out.

Each stand alone datafile can hold details for all the items inspected along with their corresponding NDT reports. (MPI, UV MPI, Dimension Checks, Visual Inspection etc.)

Reports entered can be printed individually or multiple reports can be sent to the printer all at once based on criteria entered in by the user.
(e.g. print all reports for current works instruction number or purchase order number)

The design and layout of the printable reports can be fully customised to your requirements and
additional inspection report types are available to be added.

Once a survey has been completed the datafile can then be uploaded to our central database
system where items and their reports can be viewed by the client from our website or through
the client access desktop software.

screen shots of application shown below. Online Screens can be viewed by logging in as user "Demo" password "Demo"